Meet Dr. Brynn

Pediatric & Pregnancy Chiropractor. BirthFit Leader. Helping mothers and babies transition into their new bodies with chiropractic care. Your whole family chiropractor.

Dr. Brynn earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Excerise Physiology with an Emphasis in Aquatic Therapy through the School of Medicine from West Virginia University. While studying Exercise Physiology she developed a passion for human movement as well as getting people better.

She moved on to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa where she completed her Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. While she was there she worked at the Advancement office and was Chair of Clinical Advancement for Palmer Student Alumni Foundation. Dr. Brynn was also a member of Palmer's Philanthropy Club. She helped with health education nights at local elementary schools and set up clinic tours for fellow students.

In Dr. Brynn's free time she loves to read, run, play with their dog, Ruby, go rock climbing, snowboarding, and obsess over anything Mountaineer related. She's looking forward to helping bring some ease to your life and having fun while doing it.

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Dr. Brynn likes to incorporate a variety of techniques and treat patients of all ages!

She has experience working with many patients of all walks of life in Palmer's Clinics, much like Dr. Zach, she has worked with babies to grandparents.

Dr. Brynn has always enjoyed working with families, particularly mom's and their kids. While in school, Dr. Brynn studied techniques that focused specifically on pregnant moms as well as kids. 

Dr. Brynn finds it useful to incorporate her knowledge in rehabilitation exercises, kinesio-taping, activator method, and sacro-occipital technique with spinal manipulation to give her patients the best care. 

Meet Dr. Zach

Sports Chiropractor. Titleist Performance Institute Certified. Sports Physical Certified. Your Golf Chiropractor. Dry Needling Certified. Helping athletes of all ages perform at their best utilizing manual therapy to help athletes perform better on the field or course!

Throughout Dr. Zach's education he has had a desire to help people of all ages. In his time practicing in Palmer College's clinics, he had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of patients to help expose him to different presentations and conditions. 

Recently, he has also decided to become certified through the Titleist Performance Institute ( This certification allows him to treat and assess golfers through a golf-specific movement assessment and video swing analysis. Add this certification alongside his scope of chiropractic and he can really start to make a change in a players swing and overall performance on the course. Ask Zach about how chiropractic and a TPI certified provider can help you on the golf course. 

Dr. Zach has specific training in techniques such as Motion Palpation Institute, Diversified, Gonstead, McKenzie Method, Activator and a variety of different soft tissue techniques to incorporate into his treatments. 

Dr. Zach's primary goal is to get you out of pain as quickly and effectively as possible. He, alongside Dr. Brynn, utilizes specialized treatment plans tailored to each patient in order to achieve effective clinical results.  

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More About Dr. Zach

Dr. Zach grew up in Le Mars, a town in northwestern Iowa known as the "Ice Cream Capital of the World".

At an early age, he had a passion for helping others and decided to potentially join the medical field. While earning his Bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of Northern Iowa, his path led him to chiropractic.

Dr. Zach then went on to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. While at Palmer, his education focused heavily on human movement, particularly spine bio-mechanics. He worked at the Palmer Bookstore and was a member of the Motion Palpation Institute Club to help practice his technique.

In his free time he enjoys playing disc golf, playing with their dog, Ruby, and keeping up on the Green Bay Packers and Syracuse Orange.

How It All Started

Dr. Zach and Dr. Brynn met each other on their orientation day of graduate school together at Palmer College. Zach is reluctant to admit that Brynn approached him first when meeting, but that is neither here nor there.

They began dating early on in school and began to make plans to open a clinic together. They were fortunate to have internships under Drs. Ault at Ault Chiropractic in Hudson, OH their last trimester of school to observe more patient care and learn more about owning and managing a chiropractic clinic. 

Shortly after graduation in October of 2019 from Palmer College of Chiropractic, they moved out to the Erie area to begin working on the formation of Wurth Chiropractic! They got engaged shortly after moving out to Colorado and cannot wait to begin their lives together and grow with the community of Erie. 

Wurth Chiropractic can help you experience and reach your health goals which will allow you to live your life with less pain and more function!

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