Dr. Brynn is certified as a BirthFIT Leader.

wait, what?

Dr. Brynn worked tirelessly to obtain her BirthFIT Leader Certification over the last 4 months.

So what is BirthFIT and this certication exactly?

BirthFIT is a program and full curriculum to help women with strength and conditioning throughout the motherhood transition. From pre-natal to postpartum, we have you covered. Dr. Brynn stresses empowerment with all of her patients and keeping them functional and out of pain. These movements and BirthFIT itself mesh so well with chirorpractic care because of how rehabilitation based the programming is.

Dr. Brynn will assess and take you through movements that could be beneficial to the complaint at hand. These movements can also set you up for reaching your ideal labor and birth goals. Not to mentioned when used with chiropractic, favorable labor and birth outcomes are increased. 

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