Dry Needling can help patients take that next step in their recovery and healing process.

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Dry needling is a skilled intervention performed by a healthcare professional. It is the insertion of a fine filiform needle into the body to stimulate a healing response in the presence of neuromusculoskeletal issues and movement dysfunction. 

At its simplest explanation, insertion of the needle into the body stimulates a controlled, inflammatory response (a good thing!). This response will stimulate blood flow and other healing components to come to the area.

Simple muscle tightness, strains and sprains, an overworked body needing recovery, post-injury muscle activation, swelling reduction and pain modulation are all clinical examples for the use of dry needling. 

Out of surgery? Inserting needles and hooking up electrical stim can "wake up" those muscles that were maybe under-utilized as you healed from your injury.

Dry needling is different from acupuncture in its philosophies. In our office, we utilizes the insertion of needles, electrical stimulation and other techniques to create that controlled healing response. 

There are different techniques that can be utilized in dry needling, and those different techniques will look to accomplish different things. 

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