Efficient treatment plans suitable to your condition

No outrageous upfront costs. No long-term, expensive treatment plans.

We understand that your health is one of your most valuable assets, and that shouldn't be taken advantage of. We want our patients to know exactly what they will be expecting to pay each visit.

Often times when people go to see a health care provider, they often feel as though their voice or opinion isn't heard. They feel as though the doctor does what they do without involving the patient in care. Then, you are stuck with a high bill and you don't even know what you were treated for! We want to keep you informed on your case and give you the most effective treatment options for your pain as well as your wallet. 

We offer treatment plans that are suitable to YOU. YOU are unique and will present differently to our office then any other patient. It is our job to make sure that you feel heard, and are getting the most effective treatments possible.