Wurth Chiropractic is a cash-pay office, meaning we do not personally submit to insurance. It's important to us that our patients have financial transparency. Whether you're paying for your new patient exam, a follow-up appointment, or sports physical, we want you to know what you're paying for each visit. 

No hidden fees. 

No sales pitch to try and get you to sign up for thousands of dollars worth of treatment upfront (puke). 

We chose to practice with this model for our office so that we can not be tied down to structured treatment plans that don't make sense to the patient's unique condition. More often than not, our cash rates tend to be very comparable, or sometimes even cheaper than insurance rates!

Want to submit to your insurance yourself? Awesome! We can provide you with a superbill that allows you to be reimbursed through your insurance company directly (usually at a much quicker speed than going through us). Out-of-network benefits can be reimbursed, so please reach out if you think this solution could work for you!

We also accept HSA/FSA cards!

Ultimately, its important to us as practitioners to be able to practice the way we want to while not being told how to practice by an insurance company. This will yield quicker results and not burn a hole through your pocket trying to get there. 

We're creating a different chiropractic experience over here at Wurth Chiropractic. One where your time, dollar and thoughts/concerns are not only valued, but also aren't preyed upon. 

No drop in 5 minute snap, crackle, pop appointments where patients are left unheard and typically met with unsatisfactory results - a multi-faceted approach to get you out of pain and returning to function as soon as possible. 

If you have more questions on insurance, give us a call or stop in the office today to find out ways we can help you. 

Zach Wurth

Zach Wurth


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