One of the most common thing we hear in the chiropractic industry is "I can never hold my adjustments" or "It just feels like I'm "out" again". 

At Wurth Chiropractic, at-home exercises are some of the most important aspects in successful patient outcomes. While we love performing adjustments on our patients, the work we give them to do at home is some of the most important things they can do!

Often times in the early phases of care (although not the case for everyone), we want to work on increasing spinal mobility. We give you safe exercises that you're able to perform in the comfort of your own home! 

You may have performed some of the movements or positions in yoga or other movement-based courses. These mobility exercises aim to increase intersegmental mobility, relaxation of surrounding soft tissues, and aid in lubrication of your spinal joints. 

Typically, we then move patients on to a phase of care that focuses on stability. These strengthening exercises aim to support spinal structures, and help facilitate proper movement. Often times, we move incorrectly for long periods of time. This can inhibit proper muscles from firing, and over time, they become weak. 

We make sure that the exercises we give align with the current treatment plan for each patient. We don't give every exercise to everyone; we make sure each exercise we ask you to do is best for your treatment.

Another big emphasis in our clinic is posture. Posture/Poor Posture is almost a taboo word/phrase these days with the insinuation of back pain. We also typically associate poor posture with the elderly. 

Posture is a topic that we will likely have completely separate blog posts for, however, it is relevant to our discussion.

Putting our spine through different loads and positions throughout the day is entirely healthy and recommended in our office. There is often a misconception that we should never bend forward to pick something up, or that we should be in a constantly extended or erect posture all day long.

While there are certain postures and movements that, if performed consistently over long periods of time, can eventually have degenerative-like changes. However, we love for our patients to put their spine through different positions and movements throughout the day. 

Stay tuned for a future blog post further highlighting posture and its effects on your spine!

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-Dr. Zach

Zach Wurth

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