Hey Everyone!

Whew, it feels like awhile since I have had the opportunity to write. We have been incredibly busy getting the office setup, and we are so excited to finally have our doors open. 

With that being said, I've been thinking about some of the services that we offer in our clinic. Adjustments, soft tissue release therapies such as mechanical massage, traction tables, instrument-assisted mobilizations, & more. We also offer exercise therapy or at-home exercises and movements to help promote mobility.

I sit back and think that we offer a variety of different techniques and services because not every single patient is going to respond to the same one form of treatment. 

That's why we offer the different services that we do. We recognize that each patient responds differently to different types of care. That's also why we cover what goals you want to accomplish with care. We want to know where you want to be, and how we can get you there. 

We have often heard the term "jack (or Jane) of all trades"; meaning, one has spent extensive time studying and developing a variety of skills. Rather than a "Master of One" we look to be a Jack and Jane of all trades. We recognize that no amount of training we have done in a given field has allowed us to call us a master of the given technique, and we're okay with that. 

We know what skills and tools we possess that give us the ability to help people feel better. We want to continue to refine those old skills and keep up with the latest research and evidence to develop new skills. 

Keep up with us as we keep you all updated throughout this awesome journey.

Zach Wurth

Zach Wurth


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